SO, this lineup was pretty fucking awesome.

My buds in Edenborn put on a killer set, and it was about time they got this shot, especially after last year’s blizzard ruined it for them… and it will always make me smile seeing their name on a lineup like this. Lorna Shore was fucking mindblowing live… seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. My Bitter End, Reflections, and TLTSOL were all awesome. A friend of mine recently joined up with FFAA, and that was fucking incredible… as was Thy Art Is Murder, Texas in July and Whitechapel. And of course, Emmure did what they do, and got the house moving. It was an awesome night for the most part.

Best night of our career thus far!



So I want to make a comment on this whole fat shaming/skinny shaming business. While I understand that by saying this, I won’t actually change anything, I am opinionated and like to indulge myself.

That being said, you all need to shut the fuck up. Seriously. Shut up. What business is it of…

For The Fallen Dreams

I still find the time to think about what a pathetic rat you are. 

Still after all these years, I want to put you in the ground. 
You fucking punk, you brought this all on yourself.